GU CONNECT - Experts Knowledge Share - Imaging Controversies in CRPC: Does nmCRPC really exist? Meeting 2

Wednesday, February 17th 2021

About This Meeting

A virtual Experts Knowledge Share on the topic ‘Imaging Controversies in CRPC: Does nmCRPC really exist?’ chaired by Prof. Alexander Drzezga MD, PhD (Germany) and co-chaired by Assoc. Prof. Alicia Morgans MD, MPH (USA) and Prof. David Pfister MD, PhD (Germany).
Current opinions on managing nmCRPC and the implications of new imaging modalities.

During the session participants learnt about and discussed:

  1. The application of conventional imaging vs. new imaging modalities
  2. The potential impact of next-generation imaging on treatment options
  3. Alternative approaches
    • Delay time to systemic therapy
    • Use systemic medications sooner

Meeting Materials

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Prof. Alexander Drzezga MD, PhD
International Imaging Expert
Cologne, Germany
Assoc. Prof. Alicia Morgans MD, MPH
Medical Oncologist
Illinois, USA
Prof. David Pfister MD, PhD
Cologne, Germany
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4103 Bottmingen
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